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a new website

Hello friends…

I have launched a new website, I have started building a new personal website over at

What’s so interesting about that I hear you say.
Well it’s hosted on Netlfiy for => for FREE.

It’s built with NUXT a Vue Js framework for building server side rendered applications. So far so good it’s just white page for now with one component installed, so not that exciting on the front end yet. 

Vue Analytics

I wanted to start tracking on Google, so I needed meta tags and a way to include the GA tracking snippet… enter Vue Analytics.

  1. npm install vue-analytics
  2. create a folder call it “plugins”
  3. create a file ga.js and place your GA code in there. Use the recommended NUXT version of the GA tag found here:

Vue Analytics gives you a neat way to include headers and meta tags into your app via a simple configuration object.

You must create a NUXT config file, nuxt.config.js in the root of your project and write out your meta tags like this:

See the Pen vue-analytics meta tag by Mannuel (@mannuelf) on CodePen.

Well that’s it for now, I will be sure to write more as I progress. 

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