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What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is a very powerful system used for managing containerised software applications in a clustered environment.

It is a command line driven orchestration system developed by Google to manage containerised applications across a cluster of nodes in a cloud architecture environment like Google Cloud Platform.


A pod is unit managed by kubernetes and you. It is made up of one ore more containers that make up your application.


Services act as a load balancer for other containers.

Services are an interface to a group of containers they provide a single access point.

By deploying a service, you easily get discover-ability and simplify your container design.

Replication controllers

A replication controller helps you manage your containers by allowing you to kill and bring to life new and existing containers.

Horizontally scaled. If a container temporarily dies the replication controller kicks into action a replacement container automatically.


Is tag that is used for managing your pods by naming them with key value pairs. Its for keeping organised, mostly meta data in file.

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What is docker?

Docker provides a wrapper around your software or application. It allows you to build, ship and run any application anywhere. The container is the application. It is a standardised unit of software that you can share with any one via docker hub.

Docker is made of images and containers.


These are read only templates used to create containers. They are built by you or other docker users, are shared and stored on docker hub.


These are isolated application platforms, this could be Ubuntu 16.04 or CENTOS. Containers have inside of them everything you need to run your application. The containers are based on one ore more images. images could be PHP, NGINX and MYSQL for example.


Provides a centralised place for finding other docker images built by the open source community.

It is cloud based registry service. It allows you to share your images with the world. You can build your images and share it with any one. You can test, store manually pushed images. You can link to Docker Cloud so you can deploy images to your host.




ZADevChat Episode 33 – Web Frontend Performance with Mannuel Ferreira

Thanks to Kenneth, Kevin and Len for having me on the show I had really great time chatting about front end performance. I hope you enjoy listening to it.

A weekly panel discussion with topics around the South African software developer community.
Regular panelists are Len Weincier, Kenneth Kalmer and Kevin McKelvin.

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Microsoft dev essentials and Pluralsight

So to any body out there who is listening / reading.

Microsoft has been doing some pretty interesting things in the open source world , electronics and Window IOT. So much so that it prompted me to download Visual Studio Code onto my Linux box. I also went ahead and gave Visual Studio Community Edition a try on my Windows box. Upon installation and registering for Microsoft dev essentials I was excited to see that Microsoft rewarded me with a 6 month free subscription to Pluralsight.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.59.49 PM

All you have to do is download the latest VS 2015 and register on their site. Like the next red blooded South African geek I love me some free stuff… so thanks Microsoft.



Usefull git commands

GIT is awesome.

At my last job we used VAULT at GUI based source control. It was okay, tightly integrated with Visual Studio so I didn’t really have much to think about while working with it.

When faced with git immediately one has to decide to jump in and commit to a workflow and way of working. Do I use the command line interface(CLI) or do I use a GUI like the VAULT one. I did the former, mainly because I love the CLI to much.

Of course there is something to be said about GUI based tools for git, you should try SOURCE TREE by Atlassian and if you got money to burn GIT TOWER is pretty decent. They do make git life a bit easier when tracking commit messages, you get graphical rich user interface with buttons amongst other things .

I’ll start with the most basic ones and ramp up to the more fun ones as we progress, follow along by entering these commands in the CL

Starting out a new project?

[code language=”bash”]git init[/code]

You've done a bunch of work and lunch is up, and you are ready to commit before you go commit you work

[code language=”bash”]git status[/code]

then this

[code language=”bash”] git add . [/code]

[code language=”bash”]git commit -m "styled the menu button that floats"[/code]

[code language=”bash”]git status[/code]

[code language=”bash”]git checkout -b "new-feature-branch-name"[/code]

[code language=”bash”]git status[/code]

[code language=”bash”]git log[/code]

[code language=”bash”]git log –pretty[/code]

[code language=”bash”]git log –pretty[/code]

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Getting Up To Speed With Website Performance Optimisation


Take a moment to think about a website you regularly frequent. What would you say its most important feature is? Is it the design? Is it the user experience?

Is it the content? This question would undoubtedly solicit a wide range of conflicting opinions from different online users. However, in reality what users care most about is a website’s load time. Users generally expect websites or apps to load in a couple of seconds or less. Anything longer than that and the user may be lost to a competitor’s website or app.

Read the full article & the rest of the Heavy Chef Digital Quarterly Review:


MySQL DB Installation notes on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

To start mysqld at boot time you have to copy
support-files/mysql.server to the right place for your system

To do so, start the server, then issue the following commands:

Alternatively you can run:

which will also give you the option of removing the test
databases and anonymous user created by default. This is
strongly recommended for production servers.

You can start the MySQL daemon with:

You can test the MySQL daemon with


Reserved JavaScript names and keywords

When writing JavaScript there are keywords that are reserved and one is not allowed to use these words to declare variable names or object properties.

They are as follow:

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Front End Web Development Workflow

Hey guys and gals, just a quick pointer to my latest article on front end web development. You can read it on World Wide Creative’s website here : READ MY ARTICLE HERE


Defining functions in JavaScript

JavaScript functions come in three different flavours.




run the code below in your console or html page.