Find your voice

I would like to share some amazing tips i found written by the founder of Do David Hieatt.

All brands have a voice. Some are incredibly inspiring. Some are as dull as ditch water. Some are real. Some are fake. Some resonate with your inner soul. And some leave you as cold as an easterly winter wind.

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Using Dropbox in your workflow

Dropbox is an amazing web 2.0 application that allows one to store data in the cloud, it also lets you to sync all that data across multiple devices iPad, Iphone, Android devices, PC’s and Mac’s.

To start off with you get 2Gb worth of space absolutely FREE. There after you can purchase more space or gain more free space by using their affiliate program which is what I am doing right now.

I find this works really well for my clients and I. We can share project files with each other from any where any time using any device. My folder structure looks something like this;

/Client name
  | Design
     | PNG
     | PSD
  | HTML
  | Invoices
  | Research

Of course there’s no wrong or right way of doing this, just find what works for you…so what are you waiting for go and get Dropbox.