I am so intrigued by crypto currencies that I have gotten involved on few levels… I have invested some on our local shores using Luno… and I have built a price viewing dashboard to keep an eye on the price. www.whatcoinwhichcoin.com Why another ticker why I hear you scream, well Read more…

merger merger merger

I am back!  It’s been a busy couple of months Spree.co.za merged into Superbalist.com SO I have not had much free time to write. The merger was intense to say the least, but it was great fun working closely with my colleagues over those weeks. We migrated tons of users and Read more…

ASP.net Client-side Validation

A couple of days ago, I faced a situation whereby I needed to add some form validation to an aspx page.

I had options of either JavaScript or ASP.net client side validation. JavaScript seemed like an easier solution…
<h5>Client-side JavaScript for form validation</h5>

<script language="javascript">
Function CheckForm(form)
 for(var intCtr = 0; intCtr <= (form.elements.length - 5); ++intCtr)
 var temp = form.elements[intCtr];
 if(temp.type == "text" && temp.value == "")
 alert("Please Enter All Information!");
 return false;
 return true;


Detect Mobile Browsers

Here is a great open source mobile phone detection¬†resource . [button link=”http://www.detectmobilebrowsers.com” size=”small” target=”self” color=”blue”]http://detectmobilebrowsers.com/[/button]

HTML5 Storage

A really nice overiew of the HTML5 storage spec. with loads of neat resources to follow on to and learn from check it out. [button link=”http://www.html5-demos.appspot.com/static/html5storage/index.html” size=”small” target=”self” color=”orange”]www.html5-demos.appspot.com/static/html5storage/[/button]