I am so intrigued by crypto currencies that I have gotten involved on few levels… I have invested some on our local shores using Luno… and I have built a price viewing dashboard to keep an eye on the price.

Why another ticker why I hear you scream, well I really wanted something different to whats out there right now, something with out all the super confusing charts and graphs. 

I wanted something to show me a price immediately at a glance, in a really big beautiful typeface. SIMPLE. I love design, typography and technology I needed an opportunity to play with Vue.JS and API’s so I made one => 

The app is in development work, make it right, make fast I am very much in the make it work stage. Here it is on Github feel free to fork it if you have suggestions etc.

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merger merger merger

I am back! 

It’s been a busy couple of months merged into SO I have not had much free time to write.

The merger was intense to say the least, but it was great fun working closely with my colleagues over those weeks.

We migrated tons of users and addresses and products (sorry cannot be specific private data) into Superbalist systems and warehouse. Every team and department had their work cut out for them. It could seem overwhelming at times if you let it be. 

I was responsible for building out the front-ends of new iteration of the login flows. This included the login modal and the sign up walls. The new designs and layouts look amazing. The designers did an awesome job.

Many of us pulled weekends and late nights to get the job done on time. I loved this time. I really enjoyed the comradely that came out of the teams when the going got tough, leadership hung back with us while we coded late into the night or over a weekend.

I have never been through anything like this before, It was an amazing learning experience, one that I will cherish for sure.

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ZADevChat Episode 33 – Web Frontend Performance with Mannuel Ferreira

Thanks to Kenneth, Kevin and Len for having me on the show I had really great time chatting about front end performance. I hope you enjoy listening to it.

A weekly panel discussion with topics around the South African software developer community.
Regular panelists are Len Weincier, Kenneth Kalmer and Kevin McKelvin.

General Web Development Client-side Validation

A couple of days ago, I faced a situation whereby I needed to add some form validation to an aspx page.

I had options of either JavaScript or client side validation. JavaScript seemed like an easier solution…
<h5>Client-side JavaScript for form validation</h5>

[code lang=”js”]
<script language="javascript">
Function CheckForm(form)
for(var intCtr = 0; intCtr <= (form.elements.length – 5); ++intCtr)
var temp = form.elements[intCtr];
if(temp.type == "text" && temp.value == "")
alert("Please Enter All Information!");
return false;
return true;

General Marketing

The house that Nikki Built

Wow been a while since i last wrote a note (yes i have been listening to STING & THE POLICE this week…alot).

A colleague of mine recently launched a new website promoting her need for a piece of land in Linden, check it out maybe you can help maybe not, check it out either way.


Detect Mobile Browsers

Here is a great open source mobile phone detection resource .

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Design General

Presentation software

[button link=”” size=”small” target=”self” color=”orange” size=”large”]PRESI >> Check me out >>[/button]


HTML5 Storage

A really nice overiew of the HTML5 storage spec. with loads of neat resources to follow on to and learn from check it out.

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User Interface Libraries


Stickyfooter using CSS only!!!!!!!!!

I recently had to use a sticky footer in a build for Circle ICT.

If you want to stick a footer to the bottom of the page no mattter how long or short the content is use this = ¬†[button link=”” color=”orange” size=”small” target=”self”]STICKYFOOTER >>[/button]

Works a treat, as used on these sites:
[button link=”” color=”orange” size=”small” target=”self”]KINGPIE[/button]
[button link=”” color=”orange” size=”small” target=”self”]CIRCLE ICT[/button]