Stickyfooter using CSS only!!!!!!!!!

I recently had to use a sticky footer in a build for Circle ICT. If you want to stick a footer to the bottom of the page no mattter how long or short the content is use this =  [button link=”” color=”orange” size=”small” target=”self”]STICKYFOOTER >>[/button] Works a treat, as used Read more…

The expressive web

Awesome CSS3 and HTML5 demo’s view in Webkit Browser. Some of the stuff works in IE9 [button link=”” size=”small” target=”self” color=”orange”][/button]

Fireworks vs Photoshop Written by Ivo

The Endless Fireworks vs. Photoshop Battle

I’ve found this really great post, i loved it so much i decided to repost it for all to enjoy. Fireworks vs Photoshop originally Written by Ivo. [button link=”” size=”small” target=”self”]CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE[/button]

htaccess tricks

[button link=”” size=”small” target=”self” color=”orange”][/button]

Survey monkey

Was thinking we could try this out next time we do a survey type job like the eskomfactor report job. [button link=”” style=”orange” open_type=”blank”] View survey monkey here [/button]

Show Hide Content

In this tutorial I will show you how to show and hide HTML content using just 6 lines of JavaScript code. feel the power! dependency jQuery. Here’s an example of what you are going to build: [button url=”” style=”orange” open_type=”blank”] EXAMPLE [/button] The HTML The CSS The JavaScript