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My VIM setup

I have decided to use vim more often than not. I’ve gotten used to working with vim by jumping around from server to server configuring apache and nginx servers.

You can keep reading or head straight over to my portable .vimrc file found here:

Please note I am writing more JavaScript and TypeScript than ever before so naturally I have setup my VIM environment to reflect this.

Here is is a list of key vim plugins you should use.


Shades of purple, it’s the best one really.

Code completion / Intellisense


This intellisense engine is built for Vim8 & Neovim. It’s the best and kept up to date lost of activity on github. It has full language server protocol support same as VSCode

Syntax highlighting

JavaScript and TypeScript by Leafgarland/typescript-vim and Peitalin/vim-jsx-typescript


You do not want to always be typing “:w” to save a file, this plugin will save your file as you type.

Ctrl + P, fuzzy search

This brings Ctrl+Shift+P (Windows) Command+Shift+P (MAC) to VIM just like in VSCODE.

Best VIM Plugin search website

Best VIM Cheat Sheet

Best VIM YouTube Channel

I hope you find this useful, go ahead and snoop around my .vimrc file found here: . I suggest you to spend some time yourself configuring your own environment, you will learn more that way.

Software Engineering

Coding Coach

I recently signup to be code mentor on Coding Coach.

I think it’s such a really great initiative, looking forward to working with my first mentee.

Software Engineering

wemakewith guest post

Hey guys you should checkout my guest post showing you my development environment. Happy reading.

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Learning API design

If like me, you are embarking on a new learning journey on the topic of API design and development, and you have no idea where to start. Don’t stress I have got you covered. 

Here are some resources I have used to get going, it’s a mix of videos and blogs posts. 

Rest API Flask and Python by Jose Salvatierra

In this course you will build a shop API. You will learn about Python, Flask, basic API design using POSTMAN an API building/testing tool. Super simple and quick and fun.

Click here to watch.

Python rest API with Flask and Connexion by Doug Farrell 

This blog post is really in depth you go over what REST is, what Flask and Connexxion, you also get a look at Swagger and API documentation tool.

Click here to read.

API-first software development by Joyce Lin

In this in depth blog post Joyce Lin argues that the API should be designed first before any coding takes place(Sounds good to me).  In this post you will learn about setting about Postman for testing API first. You will build a mock API, learn how to get feedback in Postman on the API, Generate code snippets and deploy the API.

Click here to read.

I am currently building a small pet project, It’s a cryptocurrency price ticker I hope to implement these learnings within this project.  It’s still in development you can checkout the code here
More on this later…

What is an API? In English, please. by Petr Gazarov

Click here to read

Happy learning internet people.