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Cape Town to Norway

It has been a full year since I left the sunny shores of Cape Town for a new adventure in Norway. I am enjoying the Norwegian experience very much. The cold is not as bad as “they” say, or maybe you get used to it.

I do miss my friends and colleagues from my time at Superbalist and World Wide Creative in Cape Town.

Superbalist… good times

World Wide Creative… more good times.

I have learned so much from both of these experiences. Worked with some very smart humans on some amazing products and services. For that I am truly grateful.

Noroff Fagskole

Fast Forward to today. I have taken a new role as a Front End Development teacher at the best tertiary educational institution in Oslo. Our focus is on the fundamentals in JavaScript, CSS, HTML and design. We give our students a good mix of theory and practical hands on experience.

I am so proud of the students and their work I had to mention it here.

The Diamond Awards an internal awards ceremony dedicated to celebrate student work.

First prize went to Farida for the end of year project contribution. Tasked to build a microsite to help promote interest in space and space travel.

The requirements for the website were to use a 3rd Party API (Space X or Nasa) and write vanilla JavaScript, CSS and HTML.
Small print: Noroff and I are in no way affiliated with Space X or Nasa. We just love space and JavaScript.

1st place

Click here to view.

While there was no prize for 2nd and 3rd place officially in the competition. As voted by Noroff 2nd place went to Therese and 3rd place to Sam.

2nd place

Click here to view

3rd place

Click here to view

I am really proud of all my students. I am looking forward to a new year startup in August for our 2nd year of a 2 year program.

See you all soon.

If you are still here enjoy some photos I’ve taken of Oslo =>

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Getting Up To Speed With Website Performance Optimisation


Take a moment to think about a website you regularly frequent. What would you say its most important feature is? Is it the design? Is it the user experience?

Is it the content? This question would undoubtedly solicit a wide range of conflicting opinions from different online users. However, in reality what users care most about is a website’s load time. Users generally expect websites or apps to load in a couple of seconds or less. Anything longer than that and the user may be lost to a competitor’s website or app.

Read the full article & the rest of the Heavy Chef Digital Quarterly Review:

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Responsive web design

Respnsive web design is here has been here for a while now.

I have been actively researching an testing different templates and boilerplate systems and ths is what I have come up with.

Zurb Foundation is clear front runner in my humble opinion, easy to learn, easy to use, easy to understand and truly lives up to its billing of true rapid prototyping.

Check it out…
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Below are some other frameworks, blog posts you might like to look in to :

[tabs tab1=”Frameworks” tab2=”Blog posts” tab3=”Books & Tools”]
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Foldy960 – A responsive 960 grid from Paravel
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Twitter bootstrap
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[button link=”” size=”small” target=”self” color=”blue”]Responsivewireframes[/button]

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[button link=”” size=”small” target=”self” color=”orange”]Mediaqueries[/button]

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Responsive Design
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The Endless Fireworks vs. Photoshop Battle

I’ve found this really great post, i loved it so much i decided to repost it for all to enjoy. Fireworks vs Photoshop originally Written by Ivo.
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