GIT is awesome.

At my last job we used VAULT at GUI based source control. It was okay, tightly integrated with Visual Studio so I didn’t really have much to think about while working with it.

When faced with git immediately one has to decide to jump in and commit to a workflow and way of working. Do I use the command line interface(CLI) or do I use a GUI like the VAULT one. I did the former, mainly because I love the CLI to much.

Of course there is something to be said about GUI based tools for git, you should try SOURCE TREE by Atlassian and if you got money to burn GIT TOWER is pretty decent. They do make git life a bit easier when tracking commit messages, you get graphical rich user interface with buttons amongst other things .

I’ll start with the most basic ones and ramp up to the more fun ones as we progress, follow along by entering these commands in the CL

Starting out a new project?

git init
You've done a bunch of work and lunch is up, and you are ready to commit before you go commit you work
git status
then this
 git add . 
git commit -m "styled the menu button that floats"
git status
git checkout -b "new-feature-branch-name"
git status
git log
git log --pretty
git log --pretty
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