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THEMWEBS - Page 10 of 23 - Portfolio & blog of Mannuel Ferreira Client-side Validation

A couple of days ago, I faced a situation whereby I needed to add some form validation to an aspx page.

I had options of either JavaScript or client side validation. JavaScript seemed like an easier solution…
<h5>Client-side JavaScript for form validation</h5>

<script language="javascript">
Function CheckForm(form)
 for(var intCtr = 0; intCtr <= (form.elements.length - 5); ++intCtr)
 var temp = form.elements[intCtr];
 if(temp.type == "text" && temp.value == "")
 alert("Please Enter All Information!");
 return false;
 return true;

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Google I/O 2013: Android Studio

On 16, May 2013 | No Comments | In Android, Google | By Manny

So last night i attended a Google I/O Extended event with me pals, Yegen & Given . The best thing with out doubt is the new developer tools Android Studio.

What you will need to wave bye bye to ECLIPSE

Android Studio



IntelliJ IDEA 13 Early Preview


More to follow ­čśë

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The house that Nikki Built

On 28, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In General, Marketing | By Manny

Wow been a while since i last wrote a note (yes i have been listening to STING & THE POLICE this week…alot).

A colleague of mine recently launched a new website promoting her need for a piece of land in Linden, check it out maybe you can help maybe not, check it out either way.

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