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My favourite podcasts

On 08, May 2018 | No Comments | In Podcast, Web Development | By Manny

I love podcasts, I’m addicted for sure here is a list of some of my favourites. If you have any cool podcasts please share in the comments below, thanks.


Za Dev chat is local South African series where Kenneth Kalmer and friends div into the technicalities of software engineering. I was a guest on episode 33.


a16z Podcast

A podcast by Andreessen Horowitz. If you are interested in current affairs in the tech space from a global perspective, these guys are sharp.


Responsive Web Design Podcast

Karen McGrane and Ethan Marcotte interview companies who have undergone the process of upgrading legacy non-responsive websites into fully fledge responsive websites. They dig into technical and non-technical aspects of site builds.



Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski talk about all things web, focused on JavaScript.


Shop talk show

Chris Coyer, say no more author of CSS Tricks, this podcast is a mix of audio and video on all aspects of web design and development.


Developer tea


Disrupt Yourself

Whitney Johnson interviews one on one with celebrity/accomplished CEO’s, inventors, writers, makers, and she gets them to divulge their secrets to their success.


Fullstack Radio


How I Built This


Hack to Start


Laracasts Snippet




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In JavaScript

By Manny

Reverse a string algorithm with JavaScript

On 20, Apr 2018 | No Comments | In JavaScript | By Manny

Ever wondered how many different ways you can write a reverse string algorithm in JavaScript?

You can use a combination of helper methods built into JavaScript:

The split method separates the string into substrings, which are separated by a given separator. The separator can be a blank space, comma or whatever you need.

The reverse method changes the order of the element in the array in situ at call time. The zeroeth element will become the last element in the array and the last element the first in the array.

The join method will recombine all the given items in the array and then return the array.

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In Devops

By Manny

kubernetes cheatsheet, commands to remember

On 17, Apr 2018 | No Comments | In Devops | By Manny

Here are some useful kubernetes commands for future to me to look back on and remember. Maybe you find them useful too.

get pods
kubectl get po
kubectl get po -w
-w is for watch so you can watch your pods die and come back to life

create deploy
kubectl create -f myawesomeconfig.yml

delete deploy
kubectl delete my-not-so-awesome-deployment

exec into pod
ssh into pod to do terminal stuff like working with your interactive Python, PHP or node shells
kubectl exec -ti my-awesome-app-1234 bash

get services
kubectl get sv
kubectl get services

read logs
kubectl logs my-awesome-app

decribe pods, get detailed information about the pods status
kubectl describe po my-awesome-app

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