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In JavaScript

By Manny

JavaScript map array helper method

On 15, Apr 2018 | No Comments | In JavaScript | By Manny

Map is used when you want to modify data in some list or array and return a new modified array from that original array.

I’m really enjoying cryptocurrency and all the fanfare that comes with it, so let’s use an array of crypto prices in our code example.


  1. iterate through the array
  2. pull out all the prices which happen to be the second property of each currency object
  3. save these prices into a prices array

Computer Science Distilled

On 26, Mar 2018 | No Comments | In Books, Computer Science | By Manny

I recently finished reading an awesome book recommended to me by a friend (thanks, Melvin), Computer Science Distilled: Learn the Art of Solving Computational Problems. I highly recommend it.

What to Expect?

It’s fast-paced expertly written summary of concepts in computer science: Iteration, Recursion, Data Types, Databases, Algorithms, Programming paradigms.

Favourite Chapter?

I loved the chapter on databases, Wladston starts out with explaining Relational databases, Non-relational databases, No-SQL vs SQL databases and he also takes it a step further and explains how one can make database systems distributed – highly available by using replication techniques. Touches on Single-Master replication and Multi-Master replication.

This isn’t the kind of book you read once, it’s one to keep coming back too I loved this book. You should try it too.


The Phoenix Project

On 11, Oct 2017 | No Comments | In Audiobooks, Devops | By Manny

I recently got into audio books and became an Audible subscriber. One of the first books I got stuck into was The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford.

This is a great book (audiobook). I had so much fun listening to this book in the traffic and on the bus rides into work, I highly recommend it if you are in the IT industry. It’s fast paced listening very funny and dramatic in places.

You should check it out for sure.