remote debugging with android bridge

Remote debugging webpages on Android device pt.1

People always ask me why do i love Android so much. Here’s why, as a Web developer i find the web development and debug tools built into Google’s Chrome browser just plain amazing.

One of the features i love most is: remote debugging of web pages on your mobile phone. If you are a web developer you will have no doubt made use of the Google Chrome DevTools.

I am going to show you how to debug your web pages on your mobile phone via usb.

(more…) Client-side Validation

A couple of days ago, I faced a situation whereby I needed to add some form validation to an aspx page.

I had options of either JavaScript or client side validation. JavaScript seemed like an easier solution…
<h5>Client-side JavaScript for form validation</h5>

<script language="javascript">
Function CheckForm(form)
 for(var intCtr = 0; intCtr <= (form.elements.length - 5); ++intCtr)
 var temp = form.elements[intCtr];
 if(temp.type == "text" && temp.value == "")
 alert("Please Enter All Information!");
 return false;
 return true;


Add touch event to existing HTML

Hey guys and gals I’ve found this awesome Js plugin HAMMER.JS  that enables you to add Touch events to already existing HTML content. In our use case I am talking about those WOW Sliders and content sliders. Open this on your mobile device [button link=”” size=”small” target=”self” Read more…

Detect Mobile Browsers

Here is a great open source mobile phone detection resource . [button link=”” size=”small” target=”self” color=”blue”][/button]