jVectorMap is a jQuery plugin employed to show vector maps and visualize data on HTML pages. It uses SVG in all modern browsers like Firefox 3 or 4, Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE9, while legacy support for older versions of IE Read more…


Hey guys + Gals found this awesome site VECTEEZY. you can find stock vectors pretty cool if you looking [button link=”http://www.vecteezy.com/” size=”small” target=”self” color=”orange”]CHECK IT OUT[/button]

The expressive web

Awesome CSS3 and HTML5 demo’s view in Webkit Browser. Some of the stuff works in IE9 [button link=”http://www.beta.theexpressiveweb.com/” size=”small” target=”self” color=”orange”]http://beta.theexpressiveweb.com/[/button]

Fireworks vs Photoshop Written by Ivo

The Endless Fireworks vs. Photoshop Battle

I’ve found this really great post, i loved it so much i decided to repost it for all to enjoy. Fireworks vs Photoshop originally Written by Ivo. [button link=”http://www.ivomynttinen.com/blog/the-endless-fireworks-vs-photoshop-battle/” size=”small” target=”self”]CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE[/button]

Tutsplus Hub

The Best Place To Learn Online [button link=”http://www.tutsplus.com/” size=”small” target=”self” color=”orange”] http://hub.tutsplus.com [/button]

htaccess tricks

[button link=”http://www.perishablepress.com/stupid-htaccess-tricks/” size=”small” target=”self” color=”orange”]http://www.perishablepress.com/stupid-htaccess-tricks/[/button]

HTML5 Bookmarks

[button link=”http://html5bookmarks.com” size=”small” target=”self”]HTML5 BOOKMARKS : A list of great developer sites and tools[/button]