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In Business

By Manny

Find your voice

On 07, Jan 2014 | No Comments | In Business | By Manny

I would like to share some amazing tips i found written by the founder of Do David Hieatt.

All brands have a voice. Some are incredibly inspiring. Some are as dull as ditch water. Some are real. Some are fake. Some resonate with your inner soul. And some leave you as cold as an easterly winter wind.

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Remote debugging webpages on Android device pt.1

People always ask me why do i love Android so much. Here’s why, as a Web developer i find the web development and debug tools built into Google’s Chrome browser just plain amazing.

One of the features i love most is: remote debugging of web pages on your mobile phone. If you are a web developer you will have no doubt made use of the Google Chrome DevTools.

I am going to show you how to debug your web pages on your mobile phone via usb.

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In Marketing

By Manny

Introduction to Rich Snippets

On 14, Aug 2013 | No Comments | In Marketing, SEO | By Manny

If you are web developer or designer you no doubt make use of the Webmaster tools provided by Google.

I recently found a new section speaking about structured data .

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